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Darnell Najan Reed [userpic]
New Altar arrangement
by Darnell Najan Reed (darnellnreed)
at September 1st, 2012 (11:37 am)

current location: Italy, Torino
current mood: thankful

I had my Altar rearranged last night. It was already set as usual and decorated for the season, so I decided to move things around to make space for a first and simple blessing from the ADF Dedicant Manual.

So I decided to use two identical small glass candleholders to stand for the Well and the Fire.

by aisslinnraven (aisslinnraven)
at October 31st, 2011 (06:42 am)

This is a picture of my altar right now. I do plan on doing some more work and replacing a few things.

This is an up close picture of my hallows. I would eventually like to get an oil lamp to represent the cosmic fire.

trip_tych [userpic]
Show me your outdoor altars
by trip_tych (trip_tych)
at March 12th, 2010 (01:00 pm)

Hello everyone!

I moved recently and now live in apartment where I have a small amount of semi-private space in the backyard! It's big enough for our old coffee table, which is already out there, and about oh 6ft x 15-20ft. I would like to have a simple but permanent altar situation set up back there instead of boxing up my usual stuff and carrying it in and out every time I want to do ritual.
I'm curious as to what others have done with their outdoor spaces. I can handle various bowls and such but I think I am still stuck with candles for the Fire and really unsure of what to do for the representation of the World Tree. Right now, I have a sculpted wire tree but it isn't something I'd want to leave outdoors. I thought some sort of potted tree might be nice but it's definitely partial shade so I don't know how well a real plant would fare.
Mostly though, I'm just looking for visual inspiration :)
And to perhaps visually inspire others, this is what I've got going on indoors: Collapse )

Jamie [userpic]
Imbolc Altar
by Jamie (dubhlainn)
at January 8th, 2010 (12:00 pm)

It is probably a bit early, I haven't even finished de-Christmasizing the house yet, but my Brighid Flamekeeping shift came up the other night so I decided to set up my Imbolc altar.

I apologize if these pictures are a little dark. The flash, I find, tends to make everything a little "harsh" so I opened up the blinds in hope that natural light would give a truer view.

Full Altar

At the center front is the Fire consisting of a burner and three pillars, directly behind that are the Tree and Well (my altars are set up ADF style, for more info about that follow this link). To the left at the rear is my Nature Spirits Shrine, to the right my Ancestors Box and Circle Friends. Other assorted ritual needs like my divination bag and offering bowls and, this is Imbolc after all, a bunch of candles throughout.

several more under hereCollapse )

odicpup [userpic]
My current main Shrine area
by odicpup (odicpup)
at May 29th, 2009 (10:35 am)

Here is my current main Shrine area. I have several other smaller Shrines throughout the apartment for various Kindreds. These photos are during a none High Day devotional. I try to decorate with seasonals for each High Day.

This one shows the mini Nature Spirits Shrine on the main Shrine:

This one shows the mini Shining Ones Shrine on the main Shrine:

This one shows the mini Ancestors Shrine on the main Shrine:

Fallen Angel [userpic]
Nyx/Selene altar
by Fallen Angel (suicidekttn)
at January 18th, 2009 (02:21 am)

This one's not an ADF style (no fire, well, tree - that's on my main altar) but I thought I'd share.

Currently, I'm not so happy with my main altar so I've taken some time to work on another one. I just bought this wall tile (from a different store) and as soon as it came in I...

...rearranged my altarCollapse )

x-posted to my spiritual journal astra_dedicant and pimp_my_altar

Noira (Alvita Felis) [userpic]
My altar
by Noira (Alvita Felis) (alvita_felis)
at December 26th, 2008 (01:50 pm)

current mood: accomplished

Ok, I figured out I could add some photos of mine, too, though it changes every week, sometimes it gets pretty messy...

This was in our former flat, my first altar:

more contemporary:

Jamie [userpic]
Midwinter Altar
by Jamie (dubhlainn)
at December 22nd, 2008 (09:07 pm)

If anyone has questions please feel free to ask.

couple more, under the cutCollapse )
~ Jamie

x-posted to pimp_my_altar

Jamie [userpic]
Samhain Altar, 2008
by Jamie (dubhlainn)
at November 1st, 2008 (08:36 pm)

Full Altar

two more behind the cutCollapse )

~ Dubhlainn

X-posted to pimp_my_altar

lsdedicant [userpic]
My altar/shrines
by lsdedicant (lsdedicant)
at August 13th, 2008 (10:30 pm)

As close as I can get to fitting my whole altar in a shot

Close up of altar after a Thargelia ritual

A shelf with offerings on it


The Ancestors


Hestia shrine

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