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Jamie [userpic]
Imbolc Altar
by Jamie (dubhlainn)
at January 8th, 2010 (12:00 pm)

It is probably a bit early, I haven't even finished de-Christmasizing the house yet, but my Brighid Flamekeeping shift came up the other night so I decided to set up my Imbolc altar.

I apologize if these pictures are a little dark. The flash, I find, tends to make everything a little "harsh" so I opened up the blinds in hope that natural light would give a truer view.

Full Altar

At the center front is the Fire consisting of a burner and three pillars, directly behind that are the Tree and Well (my altars are set up ADF style, for more info about that follow this link). To the left at the rear is my Nature Spirits Shrine, to the right my Ancestors Box and Circle Friends. Other assorted ritual needs like my divination bag and offering bowls and, this is Imbolc after all, a bunch of candles throughout.

My Brighid Shrine

This one is not normally so elaborate but since it it is Imbolc I figured what the hay. In the center on the white cloth is the candle jar I am currently using for my flamekeeping shifts, around that is my torque, and in front are some old Ogham staves that I thought looked neat there. On the right side are three flowers (from the Scottish Bride and the Cailleach story), some more candles, and an incense holder. To the left a small anvil, again more candles, and the first Brighid's cross I ever made.

A lower, darker, and alternative view of the main altar

The whole deal all lit up

Note: the addition of the super sacred lighter accidentally left upon the altar after lighting the taper I used to light the other candles

Last one, my approximate point of view while seated for ritual or meditation

I like the way the candles in front are all over exposed and glowy and mysterious in this one.

Thanks for taking a peek.
~ Jamie