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trip_tych [userpic]
Show me your outdoor altars
by trip_tych (trip_tych)
at March 12th, 2010 (01:00 pm)

Hello everyone!

I moved recently and now live in apartment where I have a small amount of semi-private space in the backyard! It's big enough for our old coffee table, which is already out there, and about oh 6ft x 15-20ft. I would like to have a simple but permanent altar situation set up back there instead of boxing up my usual stuff and carrying it in and out every time I want to do ritual.
I'm curious as to what others have done with their outdoor spaces. I can handle various bowls and such but I think I am still stuck with candles for the Fire and really unsure of what to do for the representation of the World Tree. Right now, I have a sculpted wire tree but it isn't something I'd want to leave outdoors. I thought some sort of potted tree might be nice but it's definitely partial shade so I don't know how well a real plant would fare.
Mostly though, I'm just looking for visual inspiration :)